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Drought Watch: Windthorst

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Town of Windthorst has been cut off from its main water supply in Lake Arrowhead. This is jeopardizing the entire town’s water supply.

“It's definitely a time of panic for most folks,” said Teresa Veitenheimer, the General Manager for Windthorst Water Supply Corporation. “It's definitely a time of concern for most folks.”

To fight these drought conditions, the town installed a secondary water pump which reaches even deeper waters. The pump is expected to go online tomorrow.

Veitenheimer said without the pump, Windthorst would have been without water in as little as 60 days. She described the process in a little more detail.

“So basically what we've done is extended a four-and-a-half mile water line out to deeper waters of lake Arrowhead that we use to pump up to our water system,” said Veitenheimer. “The new pump allows Windthorst to share the same long-term outlook as Wichita Falls.”

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6

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