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HWY Breakdown Hazards

Traffic is back to normal on the Lloyd Ruby Overpass in Wichita Falls, just a day after a 68-year old woman was killed by an 18-wheeler while stopped in the middle lane.

No new information was released on Thursday, but many Texomans are wondering if the specific stretch on the overpass is dangerous.

"This is more of just paying attention to your surroundings and watching what's going on when you're driving," said Wichita Falls Police Officer, Brandie Banda.

A stalled vehicle on the road is dangerous, no matter where it is.

Not only should you keep an eye on your speed while driving, but also the distance between yourself and other cars. 

"Watching the roadway ahead of you instead of right where you're at, and watching the distance of what's going on is very important," said Banda.

There have been four accidents on the Lloyd Ruby Overpass within the year, three of those accidents were due to ice.

The driver of the 18-wheeler from Wednesday's deadly accident will not be ticketed because there were no officers present at the time of the accident.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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