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Airport Upgrades

Airport Upgrades

Wichita Falls will spend $100,000 from the Airport fund in order to get $200,000 worth of upgrades at both of its airports. Half of the investment will be matched by the Texas Department of Transportation Airports division. Air, Traffic and Transportation Director John Burrus said the money is needed to help complete separate projects at both Wichita Falls Municipal Airport and Kickapoo Airport.

"Basically, we pay the bill Tex Dot approves the project we pay the bill and then TexDot will reimburse us for 50% of the cost of the project," said Burrus.

It's a routine port maintenance program fund that the city has used for things like security upgrades, terminal maintenance and other various upgrades. This year they plan to use the funds for specific purposes at each airport. Burrus said this time around they are more likely to address one specific issue at each airport versus splitting up the funding for various projects.

"At Municipal I would anticipate that we would continue to replace concrete panels on what would become the general aviation over by landmark aviation, that’s our fixed based operator that takes care of planes that come and go. Over at Kickapoo were more likely to invest it into telephone, water and sewage line expansion of the current utilities that we have in place," said Burrus.

City council is likely to approve the ordinance that would authorize for the funds to be spent.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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