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Looking Out For You

Looking Out For You

Jamie Faust has dealt with loss before. In 2006 he and his wife Veronique lost their four month old son to sudden infant death syndrome. Even though they had lost a life, Jamie said they want to stay positive, but more bad news came their way.

"Right after that four or five months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They call cancer a fatal disease, we just never saw it that way we had already dealt with death a real horrible thing so we just decided to leave," said Faust.

It was a tough but through all the medical bills, surgeries, stress and treatments Faust said they found a way to stay happy.

"It's strange I look back on it now we just never chose to look at it like it was a horrible thing it was just like well lets do it again, it’s alright whatever we have to do to get it done and we would get better we just kind of kept going. Unfortunately, she passed away without a will and so we’re having to take care of a lot of things legal matters and things like that we were not quite expecting," said Faust.

Bob Balch is a Wichita Falls Attorney who's seen plenty of cases like the Faust.

"A will is a road map telling the world what you want to do with your estate. When you die without a will, the state of Texas has a will for you its called intestate succession. You need to have that will in place both the husband and the wife need their wills in place," said Faust.

Faust said the he and his wife were always so positive and so focused on life they never gave themselves the chance to think about what would happen if one of them passed away.

"We could have avoided a lot of these things you know by taking just a little bit of time and taking care of this getting a notary pen and paper just write some things down make it official," said Faust.

A benefit for the Faust will be held this Saturday. All proceeds will go towards helping Jamie and his family through this tough time.


Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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