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Summer Time Fun?

Michelle Pauly, a Wichita Falls stay at home mom of two, updates her website and social media pages daily, informing Texoma parents about things they can do with their kids in the community.

“It was just finding things for my kids to do because we moved from a small town. I knew there were lots of things to do here from searching around, but it was never in one area,” said Pauly.

Pauly said she first started planning things for her kids to do on a calendar, but said she then connected with another military mom responsible for a website catering to parents seeking activities to do with their children.

She said the original founder moved away and then she took over. Two years ago, its Facebook page had about 70 likes. Now it has over a 1,000 likes with more social media platforms and its own website.

“The whole point was putting it in one location,” said Pauly.

Pauly said the site makes it easy for her to plan for her children and now other parents in the local area can benefit as well.

She said everything she post on her sites are child related and mostly are free.

 If you visit the site, there's tabs for events Wichita Falls parks and recreation, summer camps, weekend events, free places to eat,  and even has activities to do that are not water related.

“There's actually lots of things to do outside still that doesn't involve water. You just do it before lunch, said Pauly.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6





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