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eBay Data Breach

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The popular online auction site, eBay, announced a few weeks ago that that passwords and other personal information could have been compromised in the wake of a data breach. eBay is encouraging its customers to change their passwords, after admitting it suffered a data breach in late February.

In a post on its website, the online giant says it has no knowledge of users' financial information having been stolen or misused, despite the theft of names, addresses, phone numbers, telephone numbers and birth dates.  Unlike basic user information, financial information is encrypted and the company says that there is no evidence that its subsidiary online payment system, PayPal, had been hacked.

The Better Business Bureau recommends eBay customers:
· Change your eBay password. As a general online safety tip, do not use the same password twice for any online account and change your passwords frequently.
· Monitor your credit/debit card history closely and immediately report any suspicious activity or transactions.
· Be extra careful regarding emails from eBay as they may be compromised as a result of the breach.
· Stay updated on news regarding security breachsand make data security part of your regular routine.
You can find additional tips on ID theft protection, scams and how to protect yourself from them at bbb.org.