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Children Are Choking Themselves To Get High

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Wichita Falls, TX - Children all across the Nation are choking themselves to get high. Police say children are losing their lives every single day because of this growing trend. Children are seeking this high through self asphyxiation. Right before they pass out, they release the pressure around their neck which gives them a light headed feeling.  

“Basically what the kids are doing is cutting the oxygen and blood supply off from the brain,” said Crime Prevention Officer, Jeff Hughes. “Somehow it’s usually with hands or tying something around their neck. Then they’re letting go right before they pass out to get that sudden rush of blood back into the brain.”

Hughes says what they’re feeling are the brain cells dying inside their head. So it’s not a high or euphoric feeling at all. He says It’s causing permanent brain damage to the body.

Officer Hughes says this is actually something that can be addictive. Children will start doing this in groups, and then they’ll get addicted and do this by themselves.

“Primarily this is boys and girls around the ages of nine and sixteen,” said Hughes.

He says confronting someone who plays this game can save their life.

“You know a lot of kids say they don't want to be a snitch but the thing is I'd rather have a mad friend than a dead friend,” said Hughes.

Hughes says the most important thing we can do is inform the public that this is still a very real problem. He says it’s never too early to talk with your children about the dangers of the choking game.

“Don't just leave it to drugs and alcohol,” said Hughes. “Make sure that you do incorporate this because a lot of times kids hear about this from other kids. They see it on the internet and they turn to it because they think that it's okay.”

The Wichita Falls Public Safety Center will be holding a training seminar for Parents this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. The Seminar will focus on the education of this activity. In order to attend this seminar parents need to reserve a seat. You can do so by calling (940) 720-5019

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6