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Falls Flying Future

Falls Flying Future

Wichita Falls is seven months away from completing a project that’s its been working on for seven years. Wednesday Wichita Falls City Council toured the $30 million terminal project. During the tour the council was able to ask questions and learn more about the present progress of the airport.

There were also questions about if the new airport could really help bring in a new carrier.

"The current facility is just too small With this facility there is ample space for an additional carrier," said Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham.

Mayor Barham believes that another carrier would mean more competition and also help address some of the customer service complaints that they keep hearing about.

"With more competition, customer service goes through the roof, we hope," said Mayor Barham.

If the city is unable to bring in another carrier on its own, they do have another plan. The idea would involve talking with local businesses, travel agencies and Sheppard Air Force Base find out where they travel the most. Once they have an idea of where locals travel they could cater to those area airports to set up direct flights with another carrier.

"If we can open those doors to the hub, then we can maybe get the lines of communication established and show them there would be benefits to them, providing services to Wichita Falls," said Air Traffic and Transportation Director John Burrus.

As of now there have been no hubs contacted for such a deal.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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