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Water Reuse Ready?

Water Reuse Ready?

Wichita Falls is still waiting to get the green light from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in order to begin full operations of the temporary water reuse project. The city is now twenty one days into it's additional thirty days of testing required by the TCEQ. According to Public Works Operations Manager, Daniel Nix, it's not the type of testing that's changed but more the frequency of testing.

"It was transitioning over and retraining operators you don't need to collect that sample every hour were only going to collect it once a day now. The feedback that I've gotten back from them so far is that they are fairly comfortable with this project so far during this second round of testing," said Nix.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber prior to the thirty days of additional testing they were asked by the TCEQ to perform verification testing. So why is the city able to test less and still potentially get operational approval?

"Because we know that the water is consistent we know the treatment process up to that point have performed flawlessly," said Schreiber.

The TCEQ knows that the water will be safe to drink the question now is if the city can maintain a drinkable water quality. Both Nix and Schreiber say they have been training and water operators to run the plant based on what will be the real deal standard operating procedure.

"The Public needs to know that the last thing we are going to do is put water in the system that is not safe to drink that will not happen," said Schreiber.

According to Nix and Schreiber once the testing is done, they expect to get full approval for operations in early or mid July of this year.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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