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Vacation Scams

Scams can ruin your summer vacation plans. If you buy tickers from a scammer, it may cost you more than just the prices of your vacation destination's passes. The scammers may be using your personal information and credit card number for identity theft.

The Better Business Bureau has a few tips to help you better plan your next vacation. 
  •  If you plan to use a travel agency, be sure to check them out on
  •  Prices too good to be true? You know the saying: If the prices are much lower than elsewhere, it's a scam.
  • Pay with a credit card, so you can dispute the charges if the business doesn't come through. And be wary of anyone who doesn't accept credit cards. 
  • Avoid tickets sold on Craigslist and eBay:  Scammers are skilled at providing realistic tickets and fake receipts. There's no way to know if the tickets are good in advance of your trip. You may arrive at the gate and be out of luck. 
  • Never buy partially used passes: Not only is it illegal to sell partially used tickets, Disney uses aa finger scanning system at the gate to ensure that multi-day tickets are used by the same person each time.
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