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Slagle Trial

UPDATE: Slagle Trial Ends In Guilty Verdict

A guilty verdict has been handed down in the case of Raymond Slagle on Tuesday afternoon. The jury heard closing arguments first thing Tuesday morning before returning with the verdict just after 3:00 p.m.. The sentencing phase of the trial is next. Slagle was convicted of Sexual Assault of a Child and Indecency With a Child.  

Monday June 9th:
A Texoma man accused of sexually assaulting a child gave took to the stand Monday. Raymond Slagle was the final witness called by the defense. When giving testimony Slagle remained adamant that he had never touched any of the two children he's accused of molesting.

Slagle's wife was also called to the stand where she defended her husband saying he had always been faithful during their marriage. Over the nearly five decades of marriage Slagle's wife said she never suspected, nor heard of her husband acting inappropriately with any child.

The day began with video testimony of one of the children aged victims talking with investigators about the alleged multiple sexual encounters with Slagle. When the video was played many of the jurors became emotional as they watched the child talk with investigators.

The court will reconvene Tuesday morning to hear closing arguments from both the defense and prosecution.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6
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