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Slagle Found Guilty

Slagle Found Guilty

Raymond Slagle was found guilty on two charges of indecency with a child and three counts of aggravated sexual assault. Tuesday began with closing statements from both the defense and the prosecution. Before closing arguments could begin Slagle could be seen clasping his hands together, his eyes closed as if he was praying. Slagle was also wearing a blue tie with a gold christian cross on it.

The defense focused a majority of its argument on the inconsistent story line of the child aged victims that claimed Slagle had abused them. The prosecution focused its argument on how they believe that Slagle was able to control his child aged victims.

The jury spent just over three hours deliberating and made a request to review some of the video testimony from at least one of the child aged victims. When the verdict was read Slagle remained silent, shaking his head back and fourth. Before he was cuffed by the bailiff Slagle could be seen consoling his crying wife.

The jury will recommend on Slagles sentencing tomorrow morning.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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