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Bowie Police Chief Search Down To Four

The search for a new police chief continues in the city of Bowie.

On Monday city councilors met to discuss possible candidates and how they will choose a replacement.

The search for Bowie's police chief started with 52 applicants. The city narrowed it down to 17 candidates. Then last week at its city council meeting, the city manager brought to them the top five as they requested from a sub-committee.

After nearly an hour in executive session the city councilors agreed to begin the process of interviewing candidates.

Bowie city manager Ricky Tow said the council picked four candidates. He would not release all four candidates’ names, but said one of the four is Guy Green, Bowie's interim police chief.

"Policy here at the city is always try to do within. So he'll make it to the interview process and out of that will be the best man for the job," said Ricky Tow.

City councilors said on Wednesday June 18th at 2 p.m., they will begin interviewing candidates.

Tow said all candidates who applied for the position are highly qualified and have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement.

He said once the city council narrows the search down to two candidates. They will introduce the candidates to residents and allow public hearings before making a final decision on who will run its police department.

As far as why the former police chief was fired is still unknown.

Tow said the city is not able to talk about the matter, because of a grievance suit filed from the former police chief.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6

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