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You Could Win A Water Well

WICHITA FALLS, TX - You could win a water well Texoma. The drought effects everyone of us in one way or another, but the Devol Volunteer Fire Department is giving anyone a chance to win.

It’s a $3,000 well for the price of a raffle ticket. The drawing is July 5th at tractor supply in Burkburnett at noon.

The Lucky winner will have the well drilled within two weeks of the raffle. For those looking to get a well on their own, the wait time could be as long as two months.

Bryan Harrison, Chief at the Devol Volunteer Fire Department said, “And if he we’re to drill you a water well and you don't make water or it's not a good enough well for him to case it and to finish it, we will actually refund you 500 dollars.”

To be eligible for the well you need to be allowed to drill on your property following city ordinances. Also, You need to live within 30 minutes of Burkburnett, TX.

Harrison said all the proceeds will go into a new truck, and new equipment to help better serve the community.

If you’re looking to buy a raffle ticket, you can call Brian Harrison at 940-569-5600

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6
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