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Wichita County Neighborhood Watch Progress Report

It has been almost a year since the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office started its first neighborhood watch in rural communities, now it has doubled.  

"One in the Friedberg Cooper area and the other area is the Ponderosa Estates, Turkey Ranch Road area,” said Wichita County Sheriff Duke.

Duke said so far the program has been a huge success, especially with the help from residents.

"We can't have deputy's everywhere, but we have people that live there,” said Duke. “Their eyes are just as well as the deputy's eyes, as they're patrolling in the area. They’re going to see it and they will call in about it.”

Judy Patterson, resident of ponderosa estates is part of one of the county's neighborhood watches.

"The sheriff’s office came out and helped us organize. The provided programming and it’s been extremely beneficial for our neighborhood,” said Patterson.

Patterson a resident of the area for over 20 years says the neighborhood doesn't see much crime, but when it does they will be ready.

“That is what the neighborhood watch is all about, to be aware, communicate, and to take steps to get rid of things that don't belong," said Patterson.  

Wichita County Community Services Deputy, Melvin Joyner works with neighborhood watch organizations and says communication between law enforcement and residents is crucial.

“We really want to teach them how to be better witnesses, how to get a suspect description, vehicle description, and that sort of thing,” said Joyner.  “The more information they can provide us can help us find those persons that we're looking for.”

Residents in the neighborhood watch said since forming the program they have provided the Wichita County Sheriff’s office with a list of their homes, what they look like, and other identifying markers to better help emergency crews identify who needs their help in an emergency.

Sheriff Duke said next they will be expanding the Neighborhood Watch program into the west side of the county.

The Sheriff’s Office also said if your community is interested in forming a neighborhood watch organization to reach out to its Community Service office for more information.

Contact Deputy Melvin Joyner at (940) 761-8676

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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