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Congressman Thornberry Weighs In On Bergdahl Swap

Texoma Congressman Mac Thornberry is the Vice-Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel testified before on Wednesday morning.

The Congressman told Newschannel 6 he was looking for answers from Chuck Hagel, and while he did get answers, he also said that none of them were "good answers".

He also told us that the White House had broken a long established rule.

"They tried to deny it. They say 'oh we were talking with people in Qatar we weren't really talking with the people that had Bergdahl'," said Congressman Thornberry.  "But you know, if you're talking to your agent, you're talking to the principal. So, they were clearly negotiating with terrorists."

Congressman Thornberry also told Newschannel 6 that he feels the relationship between the intelligence community and Congress has been seriously injured, because the White House did not let anyone in Congress know about negotiations that had been going on since January.

"If you lose that assurance that you're going to get accurate and timely information, we've gotta go back to the drawing board," the Congressman said. "That's why this is so much more serious. The notification issue is so much more serious than I think the administration understands."

Congressman Thornberry said he felt worse after Hagel's testimony knowing that negotiations to free Bowe Bergdahl went on long before his release, yet congress was never told.
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