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Smoke Free Falls?

Smoke Free Falls?

Some see Wichita Falls proposed smoking ordinance as an overstep by local government. There are others like Doctor Jed Grisel who see the proposed public smoking ban as a gateway to building a healthier community.

Grisel has seen has seen the health of smokers suffer because of tobacco use. The ordinance wants to help protect non smoking patients, patients who are having to cope with disease cause of second hand smoke.

"Mr. Todd is a gentleman who is an example of somebody who has had a lifelong exposure to secondhand smoke," said Grisel.

Bobby Todd is a former beer salesman who worked in smoke filled bars for a big part of his life.

"It never did bother me cause I never did think this was going to happen if I'd known it was I would not have been around it," said Todd.

Being around those smoke filled bars had finally taken a toll on Todd's well being.

"Last year they found out I had cancer in the back of my jaw," said Todd.

Grisel the majority of head and neck cancers he see's in most of his patients are a result of tobacco exposure. Todds jaw now has a steel plate where there once was bone.

Doctor Jed Grisel said the goal of the ordinance is to help people like Todd and not so stop smokers from smoking. Grisel believes this ordinance will help make the drought stricken community more attractive.

"Being able to recruit families and businesses to our community is going to be much easier if we can let them know that we make healthy choices as a government and as a community and that we support businesses that are healthy," said Grisel.

All Wichita Falls residents can hope for more rain, Grisel and Todd are hoping for less secondhand smoke. The city council will vote on the matter next Tuesday the 17th.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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