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Pool Protection

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Wichita Falls, TX -     The water in your swimming pools could be contaminated. The Wichita County Public Health District is warning you to take a closer look at your water before you take a dip.

The Environmental Health Administrator, Susan Morris said, “Well what we have found is that they're cross contaminating the water. They may be going to the waste water treatment plant for water for the irrigation of lawns, and then going to a water well to get water for a swimming pool using the same water tank.

Morris said she's witnessed haulers get their water from a stock tank and tell consumers it's from a water well. She's also witnessed irrigation water used as swimming pool water. She says to always verify where your water is coming from.

“If they're buying it from a water well, ask them to see the lab reports and see if they've had a bacterial test run on their water,” said Morris.

She says these tests should be done monthly, saying they're mandatory for every water hauler.

“Ask if they're carrying any other type of water in those water tanks,” said Morris.

Never put any water in your pool that you wouldn't drink said Morris.

“You can get pink eye,” said Morris. “You can get ear infections. You can get skin rashes. You can get intestinal problems. So there are a lot of things that can happen in a swimming pool and you want to be careful.”

We reached out to water haulers all over Texoma today and none of them wanted to speak on camera.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6