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Drought Watch

Drought Watch

Henrietta is tightening its water restrictions as the city gets ready to enter a Stage 5 drought Saturday. City officials in Henrietta were unable to comment on entering the next drought phase. The new restrictions would forbid residents from using city water in any form of outdoor irrigation, filling or refilling pools, washing motor vehicles and washing or cleaning their private property.

"Well, we might be a little late putting them in, they should have done it six months ago," said Dede Gray of Henrietta.

The city has made a drought restriction exemption for businesses to maintain, but not expand their water use for business practices.

"You don't want a business to go out of their business for whatever reason. I think that's why we kept the post posing the stricter rules on water usage is because everybody expected it to rank well it has not rained yet so we have to do something now," said Gray.

Henrietta would repeal its stage five drought restrictions once the water supply source rises above 25% capacity. Violators of the restrictions would be fined $1,000 per violation. If residents would like to get a separate copy of the drought restrictions they can pick a copy up from city hall on main street during normal business hours.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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