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Smoke Free Falls?

Smoke Free Falls?

There are over 34 other towns with a 100% public smoking ban similar to Wichita Falls. Vernon is one of the closest cities to Wichita Falls that has an ordinance that mirrors the one that will be presented to the city council tomorrow morning.

Vernon city leaders were unable to comment directly on the eight year old smoking law. They told Newschannel6 that they have not had any stores, restaurants or bars leave or refuse to do businesses in Vernon because of the ordinance.

Some businesses like Mesiotzo's have banned smoking prior to the city writing it into law. After going into Mesiotzo's I met Glenna Bryant, a Vernon native and a smoker, who said she supports the action taken by her town.

"Because it's not a healthy habit to have and second hand smoke is just as bad. Because you have such a variety of ages of people there to be served and why should they have to absorb the smoke," said Bryant.

Of the 35 other towns including Vernon with a 100% public smoking ban, there were only nine other towns that required a longer smoking distance from an entrance. If the ordinance is passed it will not be enforced until January 1st next year. There is the possibility that Wichita Falls residents could petition for a recall election is the ordinance is passed.

                Jack Carney, Newshchannel6

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