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Water Well Expansion Project

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New water wells in Burkburnett are making progress, and are nearly up and running. Nineteen water wells have been completed, and now workers are laying utility infrastructures and electrical mains to bring the water, from the well, to the water treatment plant.

The water well project was approved in 2013, and cost the city about 3.7 million dollars in bond money. The new wells will produce more than 700,000 gallons of water daily, and that means 490 gallons a minute.

 “We have purchased some property, and on that property we have found the alluvial spring that’s on the property,” Burkburnett Public Works Director, Gordon Smith said. “We’re drilling 19 wells inside that spring.”

The city currently has 68 wells in use.

“Our existing 68 wells have reduced from the drought,” Smith said. “They were producing 1.1 million by themselves, and now with the drought they are producing only 700,000.”

The new wells, combined with the old, will give the city 1.4 million gallons of water a day. Water produced by the wells is expected to decrease the city’s reliance on Wichita Falls water.

Currently, the city is producing 66-percent of water, and is purchasing 34-percent from Wichita Falls.

“This will allow us to reduce the purchasing from Wichita Falls, thus helping the overall area,” Smith said.

The final step of the process will be testing by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Water testing sampling will be completed this week, and should be submitted to the TCEQ by the end of this week. The project is expected to be up and running July 1, 2014.