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Wine Gets Better With The Drought

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Wine makers are actually benefiting from the lack of rain. One wine enthusiast said business is booming.

“The sales are phenomenal,” said Candy Roos, Wine Club Manager at Brushy Creek Vineyards.

“We run out of wine on a daily basis. It's really a problem around here.”

Robert Clinesmith, the Cellar Rat at Brushy Creek Vineyards said farmers who are struggling to produce a crop are actually switching to grape production because they do so well in a dry environment.

“Grapes are excellent at extracting water out of the ground,” said Clinesmith. “Grapevines are one of the most water efficient crops that you can grow.”

So good in-fact, Brushy Creek grape vines are actually being over watered.

“The drought just concentrates the flavor of the grapes,” said Clinesmith. “With grapes, over watering is really something you don't want. Right now we have these vines that are getting a little too much water.”

Clinesmith says the drought helps kill fungus that normally eats grape vines. The lack of water doesn’t allow other crops to grow around the vine like wheat – this allows the vine to grow without fighting for nutrients and water. The lack of rain has allowed Brushy Creek Vineyards to have its best year ever.

“We're making award winning wines with grapes from our friends and including the grapes that we have here,” said Clinesmith.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6
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