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Roads A Wreck

With the help of a grant worth $2,664.128.00, construction can now begin to repair 219 roads in Montague County.

Dye Church Road and Catholic Cemetery Road in Montague County are one of the 120 most damaged areas in Precinct one.

Many of the roads in Montague County have been damaged by oil field trucks.

"Precinct two turned in 50 roads that were priority, precinct three: 22 roads and precinct four: 27 roads. It’s very definitely needed. If this money is utilized right, it can really turn around a precinct. It can really help," said Montague County Judge Tommie Sappington.

Help that one Montague County resident has been waiting for.

“I think it’s long overdue. I think we should have been spending this money before now maybe. There’s some roads in bad need of repair," said Tommy Fenoglio.

Even though construction can begin to repair Montague County roads, it is the county commissioners who will have three years to use the money to complete the project.

Montague County matched 20-percent of the grant which was provided by each of the four precincts.

Construction on the 219 Montague County roads will focus on re-grading the roads as well the gravel.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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