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Drought Watch: Vernon goes into Stage 3

Drought Watch: Vernon goes into Stage 3

While most towns are tightening their water restrictions, Vernon is loosening theirs. The town recently downgraded from a Stage 4 drought to a Stage 3.

Stage 4 is The Vernon drought contingency plan clearly stated that if water wells are producing 25 percent less than normal water production the city must drop back into Stage 3.

"We follow our policy, it strictly says, 'if you're in this Stage 3 for over 45 days then you go to Stage 3' and we wanted to follow our policy," said Mitch Grant.

Most cities in Texoma rely on lake water as a source. Vernon relies on water wells. This year they have had 14-inches of rain on the well field. They have also drilled and developed new wells to boost production.

Vernon's Stage 3 rules allow residents to irrigate their yards, two days a week versus one day a week under Stage 4. Odd numbered houses can water on Monday and Wednesday. Even numbered houses will have Tuesday and Thursday to water. Residents will still be banned from washing driveways, sidewalks and patios, except for immediate health or fire hazards.

There is the possibility that the city could go back into Stage 4. Grant says as long as residents are able to keep conserving there is little chance that they will re-trigger Stage 4.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6
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