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Horseback Scare

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The search for a man in Wichita County who was thrown off a horse and knocked unconscious ends after a intense search Thursday afternoon. 

The man on horseback and the person with him were just going back to get something they lost a few days ago. 

56-year-old, Kenny Lloyd told authorities he had gone horseback riding a few days ago and lost his saddle. On Thursday, he went back to find it. 

In his efforts to find it, he ended up being the one needing to be found. 

"It's very fortunate that we found him and he doesn't have as serious of injuries as he could of had," said Wichita County Sheriff David Duke.  

Wichita County Sheriff deputies began searching for Lloyd just before 5 p.m., Thursday afternoon. 

Lloyd woke up after being unconscious. He then called 9-1-1, telling police he was kicked off a horse and kicked in the head. 

"He didn't know where he was at just that he was in the at the end of Ranglers Retreat or the South end of Horse Shoe Lake Road," said Sheriff Duke. "We went over there found his truck and trailer."

For an hour and a half, Wichita County deputies with help from the Wichita County West Fire Department and Iowa Park Police Department searched for Lloyd on foot.

When Lloyd was found he was laying in a river of red muddy water. It took over a dozen  deputies and emergency members to assist in his rescue. They carried him through water to safety. 

"He was coherent moving and that was a good sign. he didn't appear to have a neck injury, but they went ahead and put him in a spinal pack just to go ahead and get him to the hospital and get him x-ray," said Sheriff Duke.

Sheriff Duke said it was a very difficult search, because of the location he was in there was lots of terrain, hills, trails, and sand.

He also said the amount of cover by trees would have also made it difficult for them to find Lloyd by helicopter.

Lloyd reached out to Newschannel 6 wanting to express his gratitude to all the people who helped in his rescue. 

"They came out and saved my life," said Lloyd. "They went above and beyond.  "I wanted to thank everyone for what they did and I appreciate it more than anyone will ever know." 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6