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Berend Brothers Is Surviving The Drought

 Berend Brothers celebrates its 75th anniversary Friday night.  While other businesses are drying up from the drought, the company is planning on expanding.

Donald Berend, Berend Brother’s retired President said anyone who eats bread, or drinks milk is helping the agriculture business survive the drought.

“The real start was when my dad and uncle bought a truck and hauled hay into Windthorst for the dairy farmers here who were struggling to have forage for their dairy cattle during the drought,” said Berend.

Berend Brothers adapted over the years and began to sell cattle feed, home and garden equipment and fertilizers.  They’ve built a business that won't stop for anything, not even the drought.

General Manager Tim Sjolander said, “We're in the process of purchasing a fifth location in Megargle.”

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6
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