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Vinyl Comeback?

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Texoma may not be a major player on the national stage, but when it comes to music don't count its music enthusiast and their love of vinyl.

If we told you vinyl was making a comeback -- Would you believe it?

Does the name Jack White ring a bell? Well, it should.

Rocker, Jack White's new album 'Lazaretto' may just prove old things do come full circle.

According to Time Magazine, the week ending on June 15, his album set a vinyl sales record. He sold 138,000 copies, 40,000 were an ultra vinyl edition. He is also No. 1 on Billboards Vinyl-Album charts. His album had the biggest week in vinyl-records in more than 20 years.

"Vinyl spring is what I call it, said David Parker, a sales associate, at Alley Cats, a vintage mercantile store in Downtown Wichita Falls. "I don't know how it started, how it jumped off, but there is a lot of people that just keep buying vinyls."

Parker was not surprised by White's success. He said they constantly have people of all ages coming to purchase the one-of-a-kind items.

"They sell," said Parker. "We can't keep them on the shelves."

Parker said they have gotten so popular they had to up their inventory.

"In the month of march we bought 450 vinyl records from one person. That was just one day and one person. So it's a constant thing we'll always be looking for them," said Parker.

If you walk a block down on Indiana Street to 922 Indie Vintage Store you will meet Ross Gohlke. He not only sells music, but is and avid listener himself, and can truly tell the difference in sound.

"Any serious music lover knows that vinyl still has the best sound quality," said Gohlke. 

When asked Gohlke to describe the difference of music played on vinyl, he compares it to film.

"You don't have the latitude for mixing the colors like you did in film. Vinyls are kind of the same way," said Gohlkr. "It doesn't matter how good the format, the digital format is, you're losing information."

However, Gohlke said his favorite part about playing nothing trumps the sound like the experience.

"I like finding something that maybe I never heard of and taking a chance on it," said Gohlke.

For others just taking a trip back down memory lane is rewarding in itself.

"They see these records and you can literally see, it takes them back," said Parker. "It's taking them back somewhere and you can kind of get their story."

White is not alone, other artist like Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Bruno Mars have recently printed vinyl albums in addition to digital copies.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6