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Southside Youth Senter Awarded Grants

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The Wichita Falls Southside Youth Senter has just received $60,000 in grant funding. The grant money was provided by two different grant programs. 

The grant funding will drastically enhance their programs, according to Southside Youth Senter officials.The youth center has afternoon, summer and sports programs for children.  However, one new grant will help create a new center piece for the program.

Southside received $35,000 through the Priddy Foundation. The money will fund an educational program, through the internet, called Khan Academy.

“The internet based learning will help in a very, very big way,” said Dan Shelton, Southside Youth Senter Director. “That’s why we’re in existence.” 

Through the grant, the center will open a brand new computer lab, and presentation center. They will also have educational, instructional staff. 

“We want to encourage them to pick up a book. Read to them, cause them to read, and even provide books for our children,” Shelton said. 

They want the youth center to have a more educational focus, according to Shelton. On top of that grant, the center was also awarded an additional $25,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation. 

That money will be used for field trips and educational speakers for the next two summers. The center plans on using about $12,000, of the Alcoa money, for a new play ground. 

That money will be used with an additional grant for the playground. They hope to receive a grant from the city called the Community Development Block Grant. 

The Community Development Block Grant will fund playground equipment, and fall protection system. City Council officials will vote on that grant in August, according to Shelton.

“It’s a lot of work, to put grants together, and have programs and projects,” Shelton said. “It just makes it all worth it, when you get noticed that you've been awarded a grant.” 

The youth center is still expecting about half a dozen more grants. They hope to hear word by the end of the month. 

The Southside Youth Senter is also participating in the PowerPak program. They will provide hungry children with nutritional meals for the weekend. 

“We’re supporting families in that regard,” Shelton said. “We discretely distribute food to children on Fridays, and that helps carry them through the weekend. For information on how you can get your child involved click here.