ACA Business Answers

ACA Business Answers

The Affordable Care Act helped nearly eight-million people gain health care coverage that they did not have before.  Ben Bishop of Holmes Murphy said the Affordable Care Act has made it harder and harder to keep up with changing government regulations.  Bishop said it's hard to know what's true or not.

"I can tell you the deficit goes up every time an employer says I'm not offering coverage," said Bishop.

Bishop said data has shown only 25-percent of employers believe they will still offer health care plans to employees by 2024.  According to the congressional budget office there will be more employers offering health care plans not less.

"I believe there is a responsibility as Americans to have insurance and I believe there is a responsibility from an employers perspective to be part of that equation too," said Bishop.

There were many people packed into the Wichita Falls Travel Center both taking notes and asking questions.  Bishop was trying to help people understand how Medicare continues to be the largest driver of the federal deficit.  Bishop has one simple idea to get the deficit under control.

"If we don't make it easier to understand than the cost is going to keep going up because cost and complexity are related," said Bishop.

Plans that were purchased during the open enrollment period end on December 31st, 2014. Those who wish to keep, or change their plan during must do so during the next open enrollment period.  Open enrollment begins November 15th, 2014.

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