Wichita County Firework Guidelines

Wichita County, Texas


1.         The use of fireworkin an outdoor environment by any person irestricted, but WichitCountis not banning the salofireworks this 4th of July season.

2.          Fireworkinclude,but are not  limited to, any commercial fireworks products olfor personal use, otheflammablmaterials used in activities associatewitrecreational pyrotechnicsor any otheactivity that could resulin a wildfire.

3.         The use of fireworks iallowed under the following guidelines ONLY:

a.         Fireworkmay not be used withithe right-of-way of a publiroad ohighway or any other publilands at any time unless specifically allowed by legal authority.

b.       The person(susing the fireworkmust havprior permission of thland owner with contact number, if not thland ownerUnauthorized passage onto privaprivate landrrentlyagainsdiscretely the lawseparate person over the age of 18 yearmust bpresento act as a spotter to observfor possiblfires.

d.         A minimum of 5 gallons of  watemust be available on site.

e.          A minimum of one(1)water pressure fire extinguisher or one(1gallon pump/sprayer or charged water hose must be on sitwith other fire suppression tools,such as shovels, or wet burlap bags.

f.         Fireworkmay not be discharged ibrushy areas,but may only be used on cleared or plowed land or where grass is less than three (3) inches.

g.         Fireworks should not be discharged less than 25 feefrom any propertline or right-of-way. 

h.       Aeriafireworkmust not leave areyou are using to dischargfireworks.

h.         No fireworkmay be used iwinds are 20 mph or greater.      

i.         Persons using fireworks must have non-flammable trash bags or other non-flammable covered container to remove fireworks refuse from the site and properly dispose.

j.    Any business owner oindividual allowing individualtignitfireworks on their premise with or without a charge,must register thiactivity witthe WichitCounty Sheriff, 940-766-8170,and their servicing volunteefire department aleastwelvhourbeforthe activity begins. The person making notification must give name, phone numberand address of responsible person, awelathe evenlocation and the hourothe activity.

NOTE:    Violation othiOrdeis a Class C Misdemeanor punishable by a fine noto exceed $500.

Request: If a fire starts and is not readilextinguishable, please call 911, report the firand remain on scene until appropriate personnearrive.