Two Steps, One Sticker

Texas drivers will soon be able to see a little bit clearer out of their windshield.

Texoma driver, Kaleb Lukart is used to driving with two stickers at the bottom of his windshield, one for vehicle registration and the other for vehicle inspection.  However, in March of 2015, Lukart and all other Texas drivers will have a combined vehicle registration and inspection sticker for the new policy, Two Steps, One Sticker.

"I'm ok with it.  It's one less thing on our windshield so I'm definitely alright with that," said Lukart.

Not only does Lukart believe his vision while driving will improve with this new policy, he also thinks one sticker on Texas vehicles could be beneficial.

"I think it will be very beneficial to a lot of taxpayers.  It's going to save us a lot of time at the D.M.V. and streamline a lot of things.  I know everybody is frustrated with the D.M.V.  so, sometimes it's a good thing," said Lukart.

For the Two Steps, One Sticker policy, taxpayer money will be saved, drivers will only have one date to remember, and it prevents inspection sticker fraud and theft.

A mechanic at Todd's Fast Lube believes this one policy gives him one less thing to worry about.

"Trying to cut on fraudulent stickers a little bit.  There's always loopholes, there is always someone who is going to find a way to cut through the system to make it easier," said mechanic at Todd's Fast Lube, Gary Caraway.

For Two Steps, One Sticker, the cost of inspection and registration will not increase.  Inspection requirements will stay the same to continue to enhance safer cars on the Texas roads.

"We just want to make sure that everything is fine, so you don't cause any problems on the roadway," said Caraway.

The state of Texas is expected to save over two-million dollars with this new policy.

To learn more about the Two Step, One Sticker policy, click

for the Department of Motor Vehicle's website.

, Newschannel 6