Texoma Gets Ready To Ride

Texoma Gets Ready To Ride

The Hotter'N Hell Hundred is only 57 days away and if you haven't started training yet, you should probably get right on it.

We spoke with physical therapists to see what it takes to get ready for one of the busiest days in Texoma.

David Henslee, a Physical Therapist who rides the race says to take rides that will help you train for the longer distances. Taking a 50 mile ride once a week should do the trick.

"If you're a couch potato don't think you're going to jump on your bike on race day and ride 50 or 100 miles without a problem," said Henslee.

Working out is key but resting is just as important as training.

"Rest days are the days you recover from the damage you do to your body on the days you work out," said Henslee.

He says you should diet well too. Eat plenty of protein and good carbohydrates because our bodies burn these fuels the best.

Henslee says when we burn muscle, muscle cramps start to build up because muscle doesn't burn as well as protein and carbohydrates.

"Cramps in the calf will take you out of the race," said Henslee.

Magan Styles, another Physical Therapist who rides the race says drinking plenty of fluids early and often will help avoid cramping.

"So they need to start drinking within the first thirty minutes of the ride and they need to drink at least a bottle of water or so every thirty minutes," said Styles.

If you're not up for the 100 mile challenge you can always participate in one of the shorter races that are offered.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6