Big Blue Is Back In Business

Big Blue Is Back In Business

The First Wichita Building, also known as Big Blue is re-opening and waiting for businesses to fill its 14 historical floors.

Big Blue's property partner, Will Kelty, believes Big Blue could actually revive downtown Wichita Falls.

"We literally had the power tuned on yesterday," said Kelty.

Once the power was on he learned the elevators were shot.

"The original estimate to fix those elevators is somewhere in the $750,000 range," said Kelty.

Despite the buildings problems Kelty believes he can overcome the buildings adversities.

"And our specialty is to go into properties that have fallen into disrepair for one reason or another," said Kelty.

He said Wichita Falls has the potential to be a vibrant town full of character and charm.

"You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to be successful and make some progress," said Kelty.

Kelty wants to get your input Texoma on what businesses you think Big Blue should accommodate.  

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Brody Carter, Newschannel 6