Boxing Up?

Boxing Up?

The United States Postal Service is considering changes to its Montague office. Montague mail customers were sent a customer survey letter laying out four options that would change the services offered in that region.

The first would lower weekday work hours by one. The second and third would change up the location and services of the current office. The final option would close down the office all together.

Michelle Clark uses the Montague post office multiple times a week.

"I usually come up here a couple times a week to pick up packages or stuff. Closing it all together would be detrimental to our county," said Clark.

There were multiple people coming in and going out of the post office, unwilling to talk on camera, but very frustrated that the office could close. Many walking from the Montague County Courthouse across the street were wondering what they would do if it needed to drive nine or ten miles just to pick up and send out mail.

Clark said she has a few words for the USPS.

"Just ask them to keep it open for the community for the ease of getting here you know the people here you things are going to get taken care of," said Clark.

There will be an open meeting with Montage mail customers on July 15th to discuss the possible post options for the town.