MPEC iMprovements

MPEC iMprovements

On Tuesday the Wichita Falls City Council will consider purchasing a $92,000 artificial turf field.

The field could be used for local, regional, even national and professional indoor soccer leagues.  According to MPEC Executive Director Robert Sullivan, the real goal is to get an arena football team to touchdown in the falls.

"The turf system and the scoreboard system that we put in were really trying to position ourselves where we can increase the number of events coming in," said Sullivan.

The idea of bringing in an arena football team is more than just a pipe dream.

"We have been talking to an arena football league, we're trying to put the pieces together were a little ways away from that at this point," said Sullivan.

The Wichita Falls Wildcats hockey team are the only tenant leasing the MPEC for professional use.  Sullivan said that the beauty of the turf system is they would be able to lay the turf over the ice.  It takes about two to three days for the MPEC to get the ice ready.  The turf could be laid down and rolled up in under three hours.

"We can use this throughout the entire year," said Sullivan

Sullivan said he's confident once the city has the proper tools to host a team the investors will be more than willing to help put the pieces together.

, Newschannel 6