Out On A Limb

Recent storms in Texoma have caused a lot of trees to come down, but what residents may not be aware of is the hefty cost associated with limbs taking out power lines.

"Anytime that a limb or a tree limb falls on a service drop from the pole to the house, it's the homeowners responsibility to get that taken care of and the cost that goes along with it," said Jeremiah Jackson, a tree trimming expert with JJ's Utility Tree Trimming and Falls Turf & Ornamental.

Jackson said drought stricken trees have no chance against rain events accompanied with strong winds.

"Dead trees if they're in your backyard and they are in close proximity to your power lines, it's best to get those things removed as soon as possible," said Jackson. "With the ground constricted the way it is, the first time we get some rainfall there's going to be a lot of trees dropping."

It's a problem Jackson said many Texomans would rather avoid.  Jackson, a tree trimmer for 15 years said if your power line is taken down by a tree in your backyard be prepared to pay the price.

"All tree trimming companies have their own quotes, but you're looking at somewhere between $50 to $100 on normal maintenance.  Just to lift those things up and make them safe with windstorms and such," said Jackson.

However, he said there are a few things homeowners can do before their tree hits the ground or power line.

"The one thing homeowners definitely can do is, walk out into your backyard take a look at the wires that run from your pole to your house which is your service drop," said Jackson.

Jackson said simple preventative maintenance can help homeowners avoid a larger problem from happening.

Otherwise, if a tree falls on your property you are responsible for tree trimming, removal and to restore power if it damages a power line.  However, if it is on the street, the electricity company bares the burden.

"You can call the electric company and let them know that you are having tree problems in the power lines and they have their own crews that handle maintenance," said Jackson.

, Newschannel 6