The Million Dollar Deficit

The Million Dollar Deficit

A million dollar deficit is looming over Montague County after they spent much more than anticipated.

We met with Montague County’s Judge, Tommie Sappington, to discuss what exactly happened.

As it turns out, Montague County does not have to pay that money back.

“It’s really kind of deceiving to the budget,” said Judge Sappington.

On paper, $500,000 was spent as miscellaneous income for Montague County. That money was used to build a new roof, sidewalk and windows for the District Courthouse. Another $500,000 went to new employees.

“Ten new employees, that alone is better than $450,000,” said Judge Sappington.

Judge Sappington said it’s showing up as a deficit because money was created in the budget after the effective rate was set.

This year’s budget is in the preliminary stages and Judge Sappington expects it to be in place by the end of the month.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6