Drought Watch: Car Washes To Be Shut Off?

Car washes in Wichita Falls will be affected by the ongoing drought in Texoma, yet again.

The combined lake levels of Lake Kickapoo and Lake Arrowhead are currently at 22.7-percent.  When the combined lake levels reach 20-percent, car washes in Wichita Falls will be shut off.

Car washes will only be used in Wichita Falls if the water being used is from a source that does not come from the city.

"We've already been affected by the two day- a-week closing and prior to that for 13 months, one day- a-week closing," said General Manager at the All American Super Car Wash, Jim Cadotte.

Cadotte and his staff have already looked at options for if and when the combined lake levels for Lake Arrowhead and Lake Kickapoo reach 20-percent.

"We have looked at all kinds of options including hauling water, using our well water that we've drilled here and  how we can process that with our chemicals," said Cadotte.

The All American Super Car Wash currently recycles 80-percent of its water.  However, with lake levels continuously dropping, Cadotte wants to do what is best for customers and for the business.

"We take nothing off the table to find ways to serve our customers.  We understand the perception that car washes must use a lot of water, but we've worked very hard to get the news out that we really don't use that much water," said Cadotte.

Cadotte would like for the All American car wash to partner with the city of Wichita Falls, now that the water reuse project has been approved.

What water we do use will be going back into the system, be filtered back through the reuse program so essentially we are almost 100 percent reuse," said Cadotte.

The car wash has already cut their water usage by almost 40-percent.

Cadotte wants for the community, individuals and businesses to continue to find ways to conserve.

, Newschannel 6