Every Level Of Government Gets Involved With The B.L.M.

Every Level Of Government Gets Involved With The B.L.M.

Congressman Thornberry spoke passionately on behalf of land owners today at a press meeting in Wichita Falls.

The meeting focused on the Bureau of Land Management's possible response to the proposed bill and how the government can move forward with this land grab.

Congressman Thornberry said, "My bill says if you can prove in the county deed records that you own the land, then the federal government must give you a deed so that is resolved."

170 families are being affected so Congressman Thornberry gave a copy of the bill to each one, allowing them an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Kevin Hunter, a Red River land owner says he'll continue to fight even if the bill fails.

"I have talked to others you know," said Hunter. "We're not just going to sit down and let them take our land."

Bill or no bill, Red River land owners say they're not backing down.

Congressman Thornberry hopes to meet with the B.L.M later this month to discuss the proposed legislation.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6