Fraudulent Charges?

The "stick together" cellular company, T-Mobile is under federal investigation and its customers should check their bills.

In a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission, T-Mobile allegedly took millions of dollars from its customers in fraudulent charges.  The F.T.C. also alleges T-Mobile hid charges and billed customers for subscriptions for text services of horoscopes and ringtones, collecting about 40-percent.

One Texoma, former T-Mobile customer is familiar with these allegations.

"I had three T-Mobile lines for two years and there were quite a few charges that were on there that were in constant question," said resident, Barry Freeman.

In a released statement, Federal Trade Commission chair Woman, Edith Ramirez, said, "it's wrong for a company like T-Mobile to profit from scams against its customers when there were clear warning signs, the charges it was imposing were fraudulent."

"Dealing with it, I just ended up basically using them (T-Mobile) until the service plan ran out to where I didn't have to pay the early termination fees," said Freeman.

Freeman has since switched to another cellular provider.

Still, a current T-Mobile customer is not surprised about the investigation.

"It's not surprising.  It's kind of hard to fight little charges and stuff like that because if you don't pay it, they're going to turn your phone off so what option do you have," said T-Mobile customer, Gary Bean.

T-Mobile was notified of the F.T.C. complaint in June and announced to customers that will refund them their money.

In a released statement, T-mobile called the allegations both, " unfounded and without merit".

The Federal Communications Commission will launch a separate investigation on T-Mobile, which could mean fines for the cellular company if the F.T.C.'s allegations are confirmed.

According to the F.T.C., cellular consumers should contact their providers if they think they are victims of fraudulent billing charges.

, Newschannel 6