Blank Check Scam

Two women are now behind bars after posting blank checks for sale on Craigslist.

The Wichita Falls Police Department Financial Crimes Unit is calling this criminal activity, a forgery scheme.

It looks like the typical Craigslist ad, but if you look closely, blank checks are being sold for $100.00 each.  The Craigslist ad has an address listed and contact information for 37-year old Temetra Mallet.

Mallet and 31-year old Miranda Hammond were arrested and charged on Thursday with engaging in organized criminal activity for forgery.

"We found that some of these people were involved in just picking up local transients, taking them and having them pass these checks and then splitting the profits with these persons," said Public Information Officer for the W.F.P.D., Sergeant, John Spragins.

The financial crimes unit investigation began at the end of May and it all started with simple patrol reports.

"The investigators started looking into it and what this did, it tied into several other forgery investigations that they had going on," said Spragins.

Members of the Financial Crimes Unit are not sure how many checks have been passed or how the checks were obtained.

A scheme like this isn't anything new to the W.F.P.D.

"Even in the DFW Metroplex, there are large scale organizations that are going on like this.  They'll take a group of people and teach them how to do this and then send them off to do it," said Spragins.

The W.F.P.D. Financial Crimes Unit thanks citizens in the community who found the Craigslist post and brought it to their attention.

Other than Mallet and Hammond, 11 warrants have been issued.

At this time investigators are following up on all of the leads they have.

If you have any information about this forgery scheme, call the Wichita Falls Police Department at (940) -761-7792.

, Newschannel 6