Another Round? Some Young County Residents Don't Want Alcohol In their Community

Another Round? Some Young County Residents Don't Want Alcohol In their Community

If you go to Graham you'll find people petitioning to allow alcohol sales in not just their town, but the entire southern half of Young County.

The Group "Graham Wet...It's Time" is pushing for the sales of beer and wine to become legal.  Two years ago the same group petitioned for full alcohol sales, including liquor, within Graham city limits.  When the item was voted on the town said no.

Some of the people who voted no then, said they would vote no again.

Deborah Loesch is one of those no voters.  When Loesch was just 16 years old she was hit by a drunk driver.  She said it completely changed her perspective on alcohol.

Loesch is currently a choir teacher for both Graham High School and Junior High.  She worries that the children of Graham could have a higher chance of being endangered if alcohol sales are allowed.

"I just think that it puts all of us at accidents on the road and easier access to some of our teenagers," said Loesch.

Pam Scott would prefer to see Graham stay dry.  She worries that a change to alcohol would change the character of her town.

"To me, it's all about the word accessibility. I think that for some people that having a 20 minute drive will be some type of deterrent for actually purchasing alcohol," said Scott.

David Flynn shares Scotts opinion.  Flynn said the dry region is what makes this Young County community so special.

"It's part of the uniqueness of this community and I just want this community to continue to lead by example," said Flynn.

Pastor Joe Finfrock believes that making the area wet would be a step backward instead of forward. Finfrock said that more alcohol availability would lead to more consumption and eventually more abuse.

"Alcohol can and is destructive in a lot of lives. I hope it does not water down their opinion of how important it is for Graham to stay dry," said Finfrock.

All four said they would vote no if there is a vote.

, Newschannel 6