Summer Concert Ticket Scams

Oftentimes, phony ticket sellers will trick consumers into wiring money with no intention of sending real tickets.Two common scams involve consumers paying for tickets and not receiving them and paying for tickets but receiving fake ones.

Crooks take advantage of the fact more concert venues allow ticket holders to print tickets from a personal computer. This allows scammers to sell tickets multiple times to unsuspecting consumers.The first fan to arrive at the concert will get in, but the rest, who thought they had purchased legitimate tickets, will be left out.

Watch out for sellers who offer a sad tale as to why they cannot use the tickets, only accept cash or want the money wired or transferred through a prepaid account, or pressure you to act quickly

Avoid scams by:

· Using well known ticket sellers-these normally have guarantees to protect consumers

· Checking with  BBB- for information on the seller

· Using trusted and safe websites-to submit your credit card information. Look for the "s" in HTTPS

· Using a protected form of payment-pay with a credit card or PayPal which allows you to dispute a payment if you do not receive a ticket

· Not using cash or wire transfer-there is no recourse with these payment methods