Electra PD Facelift

Electra PD Facelift

Electra command staff and patrol officers have been taking on more of the hours previously covered by the Wichita County Sheriffs Office. Tuesday Electra city leaders will end the service agreement with the WCSO. The streets will soon be patrolled by only Electra PD.

"Looking forward to managing our own department, which we have been doing with their assistance," said Electra Mayor Curtis Warner.

The WCSO have been patrolling the Electra streets for the last ten months. The Electra Police Department have been understaffed for a little over a year. EPD just recently filled their last opening and are a fully staffed operation.

"Within the next month we'll be on our own transitioning with the Sheriffs Office no longer carrying out normal duties in Electra," said Electra Deputy Michael Hopkins.

The city must provide the WCSO with a 30 day notice before the termination agreement. Hopkins said that all recently hired officers and staff will have completed their field training programs within the next two weeks. Electra PD recently re-branded from head to toe as a way of gaining back community confidence. In January of this year the city recently fired its Police Chief Johnny Morris.

"We changed the decals on the vehicles, we changed our uniforms to a tan and black, we changed our uniform patch up to incorporate the heritage of the community," said Hopkins.

On top of the new look the department also has a new motto of firm, fair, and consistent.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6