Bike Tire Flats Attributed To Drought

Bike Tire Flats Attributed To Drought

Dry conditions may be taking a toll on bike tires. The Hotter'N Hell Hundred competitors may need to start checking their tires before the competition.

The weather is impacting the grass stickers that get stuck in tires. Now, stickers are harder and more severe because of the drought. They can puncture through many types of tires.

"We've been going through our tubes supplies like crazy," Austin Monson said, employee of the Bike Stop in Wichita Falls. "We've been changing more flats; I would say this summer is worse than ever before."

The roads the bikers will use mainly consist of chip seal. The material that chip seal is made from is very rough and can also contribute to flat tires.

You can attribute most of the flats to the drought, said Monson. However, using the right tires can be extremely helpful.

"Generally if you get a set of tires, like the gator skin, that is suited to our area it really helps with flat issues," Monson said.

It's better to get wider tires, according to Monson. They are more susceptible to heat, and can help prevent flat tires.

"Wider tires can be run at lower air pressures, and that low air pressure gives you a little more cushion," said Monson. "You're really not making the rolling resistance any worse."

Riders must be prepared for flats. You should bring a flat fix kit on the road, and be equipped with the knowledge of how to change a flat, according to Monson.

Bike Stop currently has a repair shop full of bikes with tire needs.  If you think your bike will need attention before the race, you have to get them in now, according to Monson.