New Way For Hotter'N Hell Riders to Cool Off

New Way For Hotter'N Hell Riders to Cool Off

Water is an extremely important part of the Hotter'N Hell weekend, and for the 2014 ride, the over 10000 gallons of water for the riders is coming from a new source.

This year, to keep over 15,000 people hydrated, the Hotter'N Hell Hundred will use the Riley Road fill station to help fill up its water tanks.

City officials and Hotter'N Hell officials met recently to discuss water use restrictions and suggestions on how to improve water conservation during the drought. Instead of topping off their 500 gallon tanks from a barely used fire hydrant, the water vending machine on Reilly Road will be used.

"The process will save a lot of water because out there at the fire hydrant we would have to drain the line, purify the line, get it all clean and waste a lot of water," explains Roby Christie, the chairman for the bike race. "And nobody here in Wichita Falls wants to waste a drop."

Additional water conservation methods are being put in place. The company "Crazy Water" will be providing enough bottled water for two of the rest stops and the finish line of the race. That will take some strain off of the city water hydrants.

And, the large water spray at the finish line that rained down on Hotter'N Hell riders in 2012 is a thing of the past.

"We're not doing that anymore...we didn't do it last year," said Christie, through a chuckle.  

The quest to save water as its distributed in 500 gallon tanks across 20 rest stops around the county is not an easy one, but the issue is a top priority for Christie.

"We are limiting water, and it will be a good decision for us, the city, and the folks that support us; the 4000 volunteers that think we're trying to do the right thing."

Christie also says that any water that's left over from those tanks will be recycled, so not a drop of that water is wasted, either.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6