Texoma's Take On Immigration

Texoma's Take On Immigration

The White House and Congress are being pressured to act on immigration after more protests over the weekend.  We asked in a poll question on Monday if you think the undocumented children crossing the border should be deported or allowed to stay.  90-percent voted in favor of deporting these children.

So we went to the streets and asked you Texoma what you think should happen to those children.  We found out not everyone agrees that deporting these children is the right thing to do.

"One thing is for private organizations try and help support the children and try and do the good thing, the right Christian thing and don't penalize the children," said one Texoman, Jan Baetty.

Walter Gregory, another Texoma resident said, "But I'm for getting them back to where they belong as quickly as possible. So deport them, we don't need to spend our tax dollars on them."

Even though President Obama is requesting $3.7-billion in emergency funds from congress to deal with the issue, Baetty disagrees and doesn't think the government should be taking care of them.  She says it's up to U.S. citizens to care for the children.

As the crisis continues to get worse, the debate for how any emergency funds might be used and where the money comes from is heating up.  Some in congress say the emergency funds need to be offset with cuts to other parts of the budget, but the White House says the funds should be separate and passed immediately.

Whether you think the children should be deported or not, that's the Texoma Talk.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6