Jobs Rolling In

Railroad tracks now line the ground where the Certainteed fiber glass plant once stood.

Eagle Railcar Services have taken over and plans to bring over 60 jobs to Wichita Falls.

"Eagle Railcar Services will provide a full service line of repair, maintenance and recertification of railroad cars, said Vice President at Eagle Railcar Services, Marc Walraven.

Sitting on 45 acres on Allendale Road, the facility is under construction and is 90-percent complete.

"We have committed to the city of Wichita Falls to bring in a minimum of 64 jobs, but we anticipate between 100 and 150," said Walraven.

With the help of the Wichita Falls Economic Development Council, Eagle Railcar Services is supposed to be open within the next 30 to 45 days.

"We had previously selected another location in south Texas and were close to closing on the deal.  The Economic Development Council worked very hard and diligently with us to secure a location and provide the incentives to come here," said Walraven.

With the city of Wichita Falls being in a stage five drought catastrophe, Walraven said he isn't worried that Eagle Railcar Services will be affected.

"The water that we do use, we treat on site and recycle and reuse it. It should not affect our business," said Walraven.

Eagle Railcar Services is looking to hire welders, blasters and painters.

, Newschannel 6