Desperate Times, Desperate Drilling

Desperate Times, Desperate Drilling

The city of Munday has just received an emergency grant for water wells. That grant is worth $350,000.

It will fund four new wells, as well as, additional property for those wells. The emergency grant came after the city was placed on a water timeline.

The city was told they had 180 days of water left, and that deadline was supposed to be at the beginning of July 2014. The last day of water has changed due to rainfall and conservation that has gone on since then.

Now the city has a projected 115 days remaining of water, the end date is November 1, 2014. That date is only estimated, and is subject to change depending on water.

"The emergency grant was brought into place when the North Central Texas Municipal Water Authority verified we had 180 days of water or less," said Ricky Ake, Munday City Manager.

The Miller Creek Reservoir is the main source of water for Munday, and other cities nearby. Haskall, Knox City, and Goree also depend on that reservoir.

They will also receive an emergency grant for $350,000 each. The Miller Creek Reservoir is currently at 10 percent full.

"We are in a situation where we have to overcome the lack of water," Ake said.

Each city will have four new water wells built for production.

Once the wells are installed the city will mix the two sources.

"We are going to blend water. We will blend well water with what lake water is left," Ake said.

They are also blending the water because of the nitrate high levels found in wells in that area.


"I think it will impact…it will give everyone a breath of fresh air," said Ake. "It's not going to change conservation and restriction measures."

The water wells are not a permanent solution. The underground aquifers are running dry, much like the surface water, according to Ake.

"Like I said, the well project is, I term it, like a band aid because it's not a long term fix," Ake said.

The city will be able to use the reservoir until it gets to 5 percent, according to Ake. Final plans for Munday have been submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

July 29, 2014 the cities will start the project bidding process. Munday City Council will meet August 12 to approve the bid award.

The construction of the new wells, if all goes well, should be mid or near the end of August.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6