In Demand

Wichita County is making its way towards the end of a grant in the federal storm shelter rebate program.

Arlen Kincaid of the Marta Company, AK Storm Shelters, has installed about 75 to 80 storm shelters in Texoma within the past year.

“We just do sales and installations on the storm shelters," said Arlen Kincaid, Marta Company, AK Storm Shelters.

Kincaid believes the federal storm shelter rebate program is a good safety measure for everyone involved.

“I think it’s good, good for the economy and good for the homeowners," said Kincaid.

Two Wichita County residents called Kincaid on Thursday about installing storm shelters.

If Texomans plan to be a part of the Wichita County storm shelter rebate program, there are very few funds left.

“Probably around 25 to 30 thousand dollars left, which is going to get used up very quickly," said Commissioners Court Administrator for Wichita County, Nancy Gregory.

This amount is from the original $620,000.00 given to the county from FEMA.

“I sent out the last approval letters. I only sent out about six of them because we estimate that the maximum rebate will be $3,000.00.  That gives me about how many approval letters I can send out without going over the limit," said Gregory.

More than 300 Wichita County residents have been given storm shelters thanks to the rebate program and now more than 400 people are on the waiting list.

“We can put them on the waiting list if they’d like, but there is no chance of the people at the bottom of the list getting funding,” said Gregory.

Storm shelter rebate applicants who have been approved, need to build or lose their allocation by August 1st.

“We just wanted to let them know, the ones that are building, they have until September 15


to have everything built and all of the paperwork in because the funding is limited right now we have very limited money left," said Gregory.

If you have not received an approval letter, you will remain on the waiting list in case someone else backs out.

Storm shelter must be registered with Wichita County.

, Newschannel 6